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The New X-Force

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Real Name:Code Name:Status:Sex:Powers Etc:
As'kanison Grey-Summers, NathanCableLeader and FounderMaleTelepathy, Telekinesis
Guthrie, SamCannonballMemberMaleProjects an Energy Force that Propels him Though the Air
GreayGreayMemberMaleTelepathy, Telekinesis
UnknownBlue NovaMemberFemaleUnknown
Lehnsherr, Erik MagnusMagneto (AoA)MemberMaleMetal Maniputalion
MaMartin-Guthrie, EmberNomadMemberFemaleTelepathy, Teleportation, Empathy, Flight, Healing, Flame, Strength, Speed, Keen Senses, Strong TK Sheild, Limited Psi Blast, Shape-Shifting