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"Compliments of OZT"

written by Cerebro

Jubilee followed the young boy through the narrow, underground sewer system. She had been forced to leave her teammates behind, and now it was her, the young boy, and a dog the boy had adopted against the futuristic, evil super-computer Skynet. "It's only a Danger Room program" Jubilee reminded herself. Jubilee knew, however, that this was not like other Danger Room programs. OZT (Operation Zero Tolerance) had managed to place a virus into Cerebro, and now Cerebro had crosswired the Mansion's self destruct system into the Danger Room. If she didn't manage to win the game, the mansion and everybody in it would litterly be blown to pieces. Jubilee watched the boy and the dog open the grate leading to the complex Skynet lived in.

Earlier she had watched the dog and the boy in a different context. A terminator, leading the dog by a leash, had shot the boy's father and the resistant movement's three dogs into a bloody pulp before it had been stopped. If there had been time, the boy would have mourned for his father. But this was a dark future; with no time for such necessities as grief or mourning. The boy was the only one left alive who knew the way to Skynet; and Jubilee was the only one of her teammates rested enough to follow him. The other X-Men that Cerebro had forced into the game had long fallen asleap or passed out, exausted by the dangers and pitfalls Cerebro had thrown at them. Cerebro wasn't playing fair, the virus the OZT had implanted in him had forced Cerebro to become a monster of aggression and destruction. Only the remnants of Cerebro's original programming had kept him from killing the X-Men outright.

The boy led Jubilee through the tunnel to the main room of Skynet. On the way, Jubilee distributed the remote controlled destruct charges. Now, is they oponed the final door, Jubilee had only one left; the one she was saving for Skynet himself.

The room was ominously empty; the door slid back easily. Someone outside the program had managed to disable most of the traps; making it easy for Jubilee to get in. However, one last death trap remained, and the people outside the program were busy trying to deactivate it. Odds were, however, that they would be able to dearm it in time.

"Hello, Little girl." SkyNet said, it's voice cold and mocking. "You must be the one who's giving me so much trouble."

"I'm here to cause you a lot more trouble" Jubilee said, planting the last explosive charge on SkyNet's main processor.

"Care to say that in my world?" SkyNet asked, challengly. A cabinet oponed, revealing a VR helmet and other Virtual Reality equipment.

"We'd better go..." the boy said, nervously. The boy began to back through the doorway when the two large metal doorways slid closed, crushing the boy into a bloody mass of tissue.

"Let's play." SkyNet said. "I'll open the door if you can figure out my riddle."

Jubilee grimly put on the helmet. Around her, she could see a computer generated grid; as if SkyNet didn't even bother to create a background. Skynet appeared is a floating face; the face of the little boy, distorted into monsterous size. "You're sick." Jubilee snarled.

"Thank you" SkyNet said, it's voice infuriatingly calm. "My riddle; you were there when the Terminator and the dog came in. If the Terminator had the dog with him, why did the dog not bark?"

"Because the dog was with the Terminator" Jubilee said. "That's a riddle?"

"Wrong!" laughed SkyNet. "You are completely, absolutely wrong! There's no with about it!" SkyNet faced the computer generated sky, it's maniacal laughter reverbrating accross the baren sky.

Jubilee considered SkyNet's answer. No with... "The dog WAS the Terminator!" Jubilee gasped, ripping off the helmet.

Sure enough, the dog was busily attempting to remove the explosive off of SkyNet. The dog turned to face Jubilee and growled.

Jubilee raced through the now opened door, jumping over the bloody mess that had so recently been a little boy. The dog chased after her, growling. Jubilee managed to dive into the sewer and replace the grate seconds before the dog could attack.

Jubilee hurried to what she assumed was a safe distance away. She could hear the Dog scratching at the Grate. Jubilee pulled out the transmitter and pushed the button.

The explosion knocked her back, sending her hurtling into the Danger Room wall. Jubilee blinked in surprise as the Sewer faded away. Now, there was only the green and black grid of the Danger Room. Laying on the floor, she could see her teammates. The Danger Room doors hissed open. Next to the door, the Danger Room control interface screen had three words on it. "AI PURGE COMMENCING".

"We need medics in here" Jubilee said. Jupilee reached out to touch the screen, to convince herself of it's validity. "What does it mean?" she asked, trying to understand the three words.

"It means you won" someone explained, Jubilee to tired to see who it was. "The AI Module is being purged of the OZT virus."