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OOC: out of character
IC: in character
C: character
IRL: in real life
LOL: laughs out loud
BRB: be right back
BBS: be back soon
BBL: be back later

Mental Power Abbreiations:

TP: telepath, telepathy, telepathic
TK: telekinetic, telekinesis, telekinetically
PK: pyrokinetic, pyrokinesis, pyrokinetically

Ways to type:

( ), parenthesis: please you these when you type OOC
*, stars: please use these when posting an action.
If you do not use the above method, please use quotation marks when talking.
~~, squigly lines: please use these when talking telepathically. Only some characters can do this.


1.)Please do not type in caps! It becomes very annoying to serious role-players!
2.)When talking in OOC, please put your message in parenthesis! Example: (I like to collect cards!) or put "OOC:" infront of your message.
3.)Please NO overwhelming sized pictures! Pictures are alright to have in the mansion, but please do not post giant ones.
4.)This room is for serious role-players! Anyone who is not interested in role-playing can kindly exit the door!
5.)Please play your character seriously and thoroughly. If you have created your own character please create him/her seriosly and thourohly. Please create a background for them too.
6.)Try not to ignore people. Most times when people are ignored, the case is that they don't know how to roleplay. If that is the case then please show them this rules page and answer any questions that they might have. But if a person is just trying to annoy you, then it is alright to ignore them. 7.)When you are going to leave the Mansion please notify every one by saying "*GONE*".

Rules For Fighting:

1.)When fighting, please do not call your oponent's damage. Let the other person work out a system for his/herown damage.
2.)If you are the person being attacked, it is alright to avoid some attacks, but please be hit sometimes.
3.) Make your attacks realistic or semi-realistic, stay within your character's capabilities.
4.)If you think someone is Godmoding, PM him/her about it. Before you ignore a person for Godmoding, be sure of his/her capabilities and powers.
5.)If you don't know what powers a person has, ask them OOC because you may think they're Godmoding because you are unaware of they're powers.

If a character is already taken please choose another character! Absolutely no doubles unless they are a clone or from the AOA!

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