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Generation-X Members of the X-Mansion

What is Generation-X?

Mutants are a humans born with a genetic x-factor which seperates them from the rest of humantity. This x-factor gives them special abilities, powers and talents. Most mutants just want to keep their powers a secret because humans have come to hate and fear them. But others use their powers for evil. Years ago, Professor Charles Francis Xavier created a group of young mutants and taught them how to use their powers as well as academic skills. These mutants grew up and became the X-Men. The X-Men have now grown up, some have gone their seperate ways, but others have stayed and recruited new members. The Professor's dream was for humans and mutants to live in peace side by side, that's what the purpose of the the X-Men was. Recently, Xavier created a new team of young mutants called Generation-X. Generation-X is the next generation of X-Men. Now under the leadership of Sean Cassidy aka Banshee and the former White Queen, Emma Frost, they train their powers, much like the X-Men did years before.


Real Name:Code Name:Status:Sex:Powers Etc:
Cassidy, SeanBansheeCo-LeaderMaleSonic Scream
Frost, EmmaWhite QueenCo-LeaderFemaleTelepathy
Atomic AngelAtomic AngelMember/StudentMaleHalo of Pure Energy, Energy Beams
Atomic InfernoAtomic InfernoMember/StudentMalePyrokinetic, Flight
Bickley, ShaunEcolinkMember/StudentMaleEarth Power Link
CaiphasCaiphasMember/Student/Head DoctorMaleAble to turn water into energy
Espinoza, AngeloSkinCo-Field Leader/Member/StudentMaleElastic Skin
Gurthie-St. Croix, PaigeHuskCo-Field Leader/Member/StudentFemaleMetamorph
Harmony, FaithNoneMember/StudentFemaleUnknown
Hawke, BrandonNoneMember/StudentMaleUnknown
LeBeau, CharlitCharMember/StudentFemaleCan "Charge" Unorganic Material with Kinetic Energy
Lee, JubilationJubileeMember/StudentFemaleSome Pyrokinesis(Fire Works)
Logan, TommyRaptorMember/StudentMaleHealing Factor, Keen Senses, Admantium Claws
Maddocks, ArtieNoneMemberMale/StudentProjects thoughts
Saviron, KoriandrNoneMember/StudentFemalePyrokinesis, Flight
Shåde ~X~Shåde ~X~Member/StudentFemaleShadow Blending, Teleportation, Energy Beams
Starsmore, JonothanChamberMember/StudentMaleHuman Battery for Psionic Energy, Telepathic
St. Croix, MauNoneMember/StudentMaleStrength, Agility, Keen Senses, Werecat
St. Croix, MonetMMember/StudentFemaleStrength, Intelligence, Flight, Agility
Wiley, CalvinNoneMemberMaleVampire(Strength, Keen Senses, Some Hypnotic Charm)
Xavier, CharlenePhantomMember/StudentFemaleTelepathy, Psionic amplifier, Cloaks her physical and mental forms,She-Hulk

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