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X-Mansion Blueprints

It consists of six floors, each different from the next. The Attic consists of five rooms. The Furniture Storage, the Communication Loft, the Play Room, Storm's greenhouse,and the General Storage. The second floor has eight main sections. The Woman's and Men's Study Hall and Dormitories, Xavier's Chambers, the Reading Room, the Galley, and the Linen. The Ground Floor has nine main sections. The Parlor, Formal Dining, the Kitchen, the Patio, the Sitting Room, the Foyer, the Ante Room, the Day Room, the Library, and Xavier's Office. The Basement has seven main sections. Book Storage, Furniture Storage, the Wine Cellar, the Laundry Room, the Workshop, Computer Memory, and the Power Backup. The 1st Sub-Basement has eight main sections. The Dormitories, High Speed Transport, the Electronics Lab, the Physics Lab, the Medbay, the Sauna/Pool/Gym, the Chemical Lab, and the Heavy Transport Tunnel. The 2nd Sub-Basement has nine main sections. Then Library, the Living Quarters, World Communication, Intelligence, the Mission Room, Computer Storage, the Control Room, the Ready Room, and the Danger Room. Every Floor has many more secret rooms that you must have a password to access. If you have that password, then please enter your full name and the password below:


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