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Important Announcements


Once a Marvel character is taken, that is it! Absolutely NO doubles! Unless, the double is a clone or from another diamension.

Taglines and Font?

Please, there is no need to tell your life story in your tagline! Please keep your taglines as simple as possible!

Please, DO NOT use "Loud" or "Yell" fonts! It becomes very annoying and is unnecessary!

New Characters?

DO NOT make any more fictional characters until further notice! The X-Mansion is being overloaded with out right DUMB characters that are completely unrelated with Marvel Comics! Please choose a Marvel character instead!

Creating Characters?

When you do create a fictional character, make him/her unique! We are seeing the same powers and personalities! Before letting a fictional character in the Mansion, please decide his/her's personality, talents, powers, and other abilities!


Yes. The X-Mansion now has its own email address at Feel free to emaill us.

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